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The Road from Damascus to Homs, Beirut to Tripoli

  • February 20, 2019
  • Naqiya Ebrahim

Inner conflicts from social backgrounds. A love story that fails. A boy and a girl who would never have met without their common dreams, and never have separated had it been their choice. This short film screens the journey from the girl’s house in Forn Elchebbak to the boy’s house in Tripoli. Along the way […]


  • Naqiya Ebrahim

An audio recording that showcases the details of nature that we miss from being too busy in our daily lives. Heartbeat aims to highlight the joy of spending time in nature and listening to it. It also shows how you can enjoy every detail of nature from a different perspective.

Details in a Picture

  • Naqiya Ebrahim

A photography project that examines the relationship of individuals with their image. Yassin’s camera lens accompanies the details of Hail Said (Abu Ali)’s life through a number of photography sessions with him, his family, his plants and his cars – all of which have witnessed all his worries and joys. Through the technique of collage […]


  • Naqiya Ebrahim

A short video where Hamza documents his daily life, and the things that directly affect him as a Syrian young man living in Lebanon. The film is a trial for Hamza to understand himself better and question many issues that still concern him.

Twenty Five Minutes

  • Naqiya Ebrahim

An audio-visual performance that takes us on a 25 minute journey that looks at Samer and Syria’s past and present through a bird’s eye view of events and places.

For Real?

  • Naqiya Ebrahim

A short film that aims to break down the stereotypes around disability. We tend to look at disabled people with a mixture of sympathy and confusion, which affects them negatively. Hassan has struggled with this since childhood, when he saw a report on the Syrian Channel about a disabled person. This film focuses on the […]