Arts فنون


Weeklong intensive holiday projects where participants create a piece of theatre which includes original songs, dances and set design.

Lebanon partners 2015-ongoingWomen Now, Yaabad Scout Troupe
Lebanon funder 2017-ongoing  | The Linbury Trust

It helped me to tell the truth - in a funny way because that's the best way to reach people
Participant (Shatila camp, Lebanon)

Youth & Children’s Theatre

Ongoing weekly workshops with children and teenagers where participants develop their theatre skills and produce an original show after each cycle.

Lebanon partner 2016-ongoing  | Women Now
Lebanon funder 2017-ongoing The Linbury Trust

Jordan partner 2018-ongoing  | Hamzet Wasl
Jordan funder 2018-ongoing | Norton Rose Fulbright

She used to come home smiling and would wait impatiently for the workshops every week
Parent (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon)

Aswat Seenaryo Choir

A collection of choirs in Lebanon that sing music from around the world in two-part harmonies, and collaborate with choirs in the UK to form cultural exchange.

Partner 2017-ongoing  | Women Now

Aswat Seenaryo made me appreciate my country, Syria
Participant (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon)

Young Artists

Mentoring eleven young artists living in Lebanon to produce twelve new projects in film, photography, sound, and painting.

Partners 2016-2018 Dictaphone Group, Women Now
Funder 2016-2017  Create Syria (a project by Ettijahat-Independent Culture)
Funder 2018Arthur & Holly Magill Foundation
With thanks toMansion, Hammana Artist House, Saveur Plus Catering

I've gained confidence in being an artist and have a wider idea about art from the trips we took
Participant (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon)

Young Facilitators

Training young adults in theatre-making and facilitation with children.

Lebanon partner 2017  | Women Now
Lebanon funder 2017
Asfari Foundation
Lebanon funders 2018-2019  | Team ArchieCreate Syria (a project by Ettijahat-Independent Culture & the British Council)

Jordan partners 2019 | Sawiyan, Tarabot
Jordan funder 2019 | Direct Aid Program (a project by the Australian Government)

I learnt how to express myself confidently in a male dominated environment
Participant (Beirut, Lebanon)

The Metamorphosis After Franz Kafka

A devised theatre piece commissioned for Lebanon’s European Theatre Festival integrating Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese young people.

Partner 2018-2019 | Goethe-Institut Libanon
With the support of | Intersos, Social Welfare Institutions – Dar al Aytam al Islamiya, UNHCR Lebanon, Yaabad Scout Troupe

Each group was separate and alone, but now we’re really friends
Participant (Beirut, Lebanon)

Women’s Theatre

Ongoing weekly theatre workshops with Syrian and Lebanese women. For 2018-2019 Women’s Theatre is taking the form of Staging Sisterhood, a cross-border theatre exchange bringing together women living in Lebanon and women refugees and asylum seekers living in London, with collaboration facilitated via Skype.

Lebanon partner 2017-ongoing  | Women Now
UK partners 2018  | Women for Refugee WomenSouthbank Centre 
Funders 2019 | Arts Council England, Lily Harriss

It was interesting to meet people over Skype and to know that no one is better than the other. No matter where we are, we are all human.
Participant (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon)

Party With Seenaryo

A cross-cultural experience where Londoners party with Syrians & Palestinians in Lebanon via a video livestream, promoting international dialogue in solidarity with refugees.

UK partner 2017 Southbank Centre (as part of their 2017 Meltdown Festival, curated by hip-hop star M.I.A)
Lebanon collaborators 2017 | Yaabad Scout TroupeRiwaq Café

Education التعليم

Seenaryo Playkit

A book and CD by Seenaryo to transform the way early years teachers deliver the curriculum – through games, songs and immersive stories. Delivered via intensive 4-day teacher training. Seenaryo is currently transforming the Playkit book into a mobile phone app.

Participating NGOs 2017-ongoing | Ana Aqra Association, Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Caritas Austria, Caritas GermanyCaritas Jordan, Caritas Lebanon, Gharsa, International Rescue Committee (IRC), War Child, World Vision Jordan
App developersWonderEight

I taught early childhood education for 8 years and have never seen anything like this
Maysa, Senior Education Officer at IRC

Creative English

Improving English language learning through games, songs, role-play and improvisation.

Lebanon partner 2016-2017 | Women Now
Jordan partner 2018-ongoing  | Danish Refugee Council
Jordan funder 2018-ongoing  | The Simpson Family

It's easy to remember new words when we play games or put them in sketches
Creative English participant (East Amman, Jordan)

Creative Toolkit

One-off workshops in Lebanon for an entire school’s staff, introducing them to theatre games and exercises to teach the curriculum in class.

Partner 2017 | Women Now
Funder 2017 | Asfari Foundation
Participating NGOsGharsahJusoorKayany FoundationSawa for Development & Aid

Their writing was much better than normal, your exercise generated so many ideas! Children who normally write a few lines wrote an entire page.
Teacher, Kayany School

Maktabat Seenaryo

A lending library to help refugees in Lebanon learn English – a key skill for building bridges with host communities and employment later in life.

Partner 2018-ongoing | Sawa for Development & Aid