Seenaryo is currently launching several new programmes in Lebanon and we are urgently looking for volunteers with specific skills in the UK or Lebanon to support us as we develop the organization. We need support in the following areas:
1) Communications: consultancy on website, blog & email strategy; ongoing social media management
2) Design: logo, website & newsletter design
3) Donations of musical equipment: most importantly, speakers, amps, PA. And after that, keyboards, mics, guitars, leads. 
If anybody is able to offer any of the above or may have leads in these areas, please contact us at Thank you!

Seenaryo is a non-profit theatre and arts organisation founded in 2014 that works with Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, in collaboration with artists from the UK, Syria and Lebanon. 

We believe that theatre and artistic production has the ability to sow a political seed. We believe that international governments are not doing enough to address the scale of global displacement, and that responsibility for the world’s refugees lies with the international community, not solely with their host country. And we believe in the importance of independent art projects, free of explicit development priorities, in providing a space for autonomy and creative empowerment.

Seenaryo works in partnership with two grassroots organisations, led by and for refugees in Lebanon: Women Now, an organisation that works in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon towards the social, economic and political participation and empowerment of women and children, and the Yaabad Scout Troupe, a self-organised group of scouts in Shatila camp, Beirut.