Enabling the voices of refugees to be heard through art

Seenaryo is a non-profit arts and education organisation that works with Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. We empower refugees by enabling them to create high-quality art. We build professional capacity among communities by training young people in facilitation and artistic skills.

Lebanon hosts the most refugees per capita of any country in the world. Hosting over 1.15 million refugees from Syria since 2011, on top of the half-million Palestinians who were already living in the country before then, refugees in Lebanon make up about a quarter of the population.

In this context of displacement, Seenaryo believes that there is an urgent need for cultural projects and arts education amongst refugees in Lebanon to support personal development, to foster social cohesion, to allow people’s stories to be heard, and to train a future generation of leaders. We work principally with our main partners Women Now, a Syrian grassroots civil society organisation based in the Bekaa Valley.

We urgently need your support in order to implement our year-round programmes. We appreciate any amount you can give, however big or small.

Seenaryo is a Restricted Fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, Registered Charity number 1099682.

  • About

    Seenaryo runs a year-round programme of high quality arts participation, education, and training with and for refugees. Find out about more about our vision and mission, meet the team, and get an overview of the 15 programmes we currently run in Lebanon.

  • Jobs

    Interested in working with Seenaryo? Operations Manager and Teacher Trainer positions now open. Deadline 1st September 2017. Apply now.

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    Email seenaryo@gmail.com Whatsapp +44 7823 554212 Lebanon +961 76 756 258 UK Postal Address: 29 Mile End Road London E1 4TP

Seenaryo has reached 457 direct beneficiaries

Our teacher training workshops have reached 147 teachers and through them over 2700 schoolchildren

Seenaryo has created 51 paid opportunities for Syrians & Palestinians in Lebanon

Seenaryo has created 18 original performances and showcased them to over 1700 audience members


Support us in implementing our year-round programmes. We appreciate any amount you can give, however big or small.

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