Theatre Leadership Training

Training is an integral part of Seenaryo’s theatre strand. We introduce newcomers to participatory theatre practice, we offer further training for those with a developed practice, and we provide mentorship on the ground to those already leading our projects. Seenaryo has also developed its own Seenaryo Theatre Cookbook, as a resource for our facilitators.

Seenaryo Scratches

Seenaryo Scratches are productions developed intensively over one or two weeks. They are led by facilitators we train  and include our all-singing, all-dancing Showbuilds as well as small-scale projects in response to the Beirut explosion.

Scratch Productions

Seenaryo Cycles

Seenaryo Cycles are productions created with participants we work with over regular cycles, giving the ensemble a chance to develop over time. They are led by facilitators we train, and delivered in collaboration with partners and communities we are embedded in.

Cycle Productions


Seenaryo Studio

Seenaryo Studio projects are our flagship productions led by professional theatre makers and our core team. They are developed over the course of several months with participants we know well or who we invite to audition. They tour nationally and even internationally. As part of the process, the actors in our Studio productions often undergo training with Seenaryo to be theatre facilitators themselves.

Studio Productions



Video Making

Video Making is a training and guide we’ve developed for teachers who are creating video content for their students during distance learning. It supports teachers to make their own video content clear, interactive and playful.

I Learn From Home

I Learn From Home allows caregivers of 3 – 6 year olds to implement play-based learning at home. At the start of the pandemic, we turned our Playkit activities into easy lesson plans. These plans and videos have been sent out to over 5,500 families during the course of Covid-19.

I Learn From Home was commissioned by Back to the Future and is supported by Expo Live. Back to the Future project is funded by the European Union in Lebanon and implemented in partnership by AVSIWar Child Holland in Lebanon and Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon.

I Learn From Home

Seenaryo Playkit

We’ve developed the Seenaryo Playkit, a mobile phone app and training for teachers of 3 – 8 year olds, supporting them to deliver their curriculum through music, story and play. The app contains how-to videos, music tracks and flashcards, and is usually accompanied by a 3-day training. The Playkit has so far been delivered to over 140 schools and NGOs including the International Rescue Committee, Caritas, and War Child, in turn transforming classrooms for over 25,000 children. The Seenaryo Playkit is supported by Expo Live.

Seenaryo Playkit