I Have To Change My Route

Song , 2'09"

Abdel Ramhman Morad

  • Lyrics:
    Abdel Rahman with support from Anas Al Shami
  • Music:
    Majd Al Hamowi
Young Artists

I Have To Change My Route tells the story of a young Syrian man who was forced by circumstances to change his life plans and look for a better life far away from war. The song illuminates the reasons why the speaker chooses to change his approach. It represents the situation of Syrians after six years of difficult changes in the country. We are wondering: What are we running away from? Where shall we go? This is Abdel Rahman’s first experience in lyric writing.

Abdel Ramhman Morad is a young Syrian man born in 2000. He has been living in Lebanon since 2014 and is finishing his secondary schooling in Beirut. He is keen on photography and has participated in many exhibitions. He has also produced a short film called A cup of patience, please. Abdel Rahman is interested in music and singing and has performed at several school events and festivals. This is his first experience in lyric writing and working with professional artists.