The Airport of Visastan

Irbid, Jordan, May 2021


  • Ensemble:
    Abdallah Hazem, Ahmad Jaluje, Aya Mohamad Aqel, Mahmod Faker Alshara Sewar Jamal Lutfe, Abed Almajed Zakarya, Suheila Fayad, Abed ALrahman, Jehad Maqbel, Razan Mohamad, Mohamad Kerat, Malak ALbtaenah, Sundoss Smerat, Malek Rawashda, Othman ALtaher, Louay Sawaqfa
  • Director:
    Ahmed Srour
  • Project Coordinator:
    Louay Dawaime
  • Partners :
    Tahfeez Association

What happens when a group of people are forced to get closer than they want to in the departures lounge of an airport? This play examines social dynamics between an unlikely crew, and what technology has been covering up