Paroles en l’Air

  • Ensemble:
    Majd Bou Saleh, Reem Jasser, Nour Hmaidan, Jessica Kais, Amyr Rabah, Yasmine Naim, Rami Kais, Suzan Halawi, Lara Racheed, Karim Bou Diab, Khaldoun Kaboul, Rabih Zeineddine
  • Director:
    Raghda Mouawad
  • Assistant Director:
    Farah Hindawi
  • Project Coordinator:
    Bissan Ahmad
  • Partner:
  • Supported by:
    The French Institute

The court is in chaos, the town riddled with corruption. A stranger arrives, accused of a crime committed in the local market. As the villagers head to court to hear the verdict, buried secrets begin to surface…