Nashr Ghasil

  • Ensemble:
    Tima Ahmad, Helen, Rima Al Mahayri, Maysaa Al Hefar, Mayyada Zaza, Aya Mahfouz, Fatima Al Khatib, Fatima Al Abeid, Lina Darwish, Amani Khattab, Nawal Hamza, Amani L Natour , Hanadi Alshmouri, Rabab Naser, Sahar Issa, Maya Bichtawi, Fatima Kurdi, Meriam Prado, Saru Gurung, Fatima Hussein, Rim Mansour
  • Director:
    Sarah Atallah
  • Assistant Director:
    Rania Jamal
  • Project Coordinator:
    Rana Jalkh
  • Partners:
    Women Now, The Alliance of Domestic Workers in Lebanon, Sunflower Theatre
  • Supported by:
    CFLI Lebanon

Condemned to work in stifling conditions in an underground launderette, a group of women live at the mercy of their elite clientele. They confide in each other their obsessions, their dreams, and all that is left unsaid outside. As the laundry spins, they can escape from their suffocating reality.