Between Flock and Fantasy

  • Ensemble:
    Aida Al Maharsie, Ibrahem Hameda
    Laila Bakhit, Marah Rimawi, Mohammed Sharif Mohammed, Muhyi Al Zuhairi, Namarig Mohamed
    Saif Abu-Hamdeh, Saif Al Kurdi, Saleem Jamool, Sara Saeed, Sumia Saleh, Yasmin Shalalda 
  • Creative Team:
    Aya Nabulsi & Samer Betar
  • Project Coordinator:
    Lara McIvor & Louay Dawaime
  • Partners:
    Jesuit Center & Haya Cultural Centre
  • Funder:
    Australian Government through Direct Aid Programme

An exploration of the intersection between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the real world and a world of dreaming. Within dreams, we are free to rebel against reality, but then what? What does it mean to live within the limitations of the real world and what power do our dreams have over us, once we are once again awake?