As If Nothing Happened

  • Ensemble:
    Thaer Abd Al Fatah, Farah El Sayed, Moayad Al Kurdi, Khodor Kahoul, Marwa Seif El Din, Duaa Ibrahim, Ali Al Mowed, Alaa Ibrahim, Rawad Seif El Din, Mirra Terro, Fadel Ghaddar, Hania Naami
  • Director:
    Jad Hakawati
  • Assistant Director:
    Fida Al Waer
  • Project Coordinator:
    Bissan Ahmad
  • Partners:
    Ishbilia Theatre
  • Supported by:

Every era carries with it events that alter the human outlook. These events may have different meanings depending on their historical context, but as actions they remain the same. The show is based on a set of recurring local and global events. The performers play with these events: they reshape them, renegotiate them and they dream of different – unexpected – outcomes. So, how difficult is it to dream?