Across Lebanon, Spring & Summer 2019


  • Ensemble:
    Hassan Akoul, Ayham Al Ahmad, Hassan Ali Alkhlefe, Fida Alwaer, Mostafa Amin Al Sabin, Fatima Rajjoup, Abdulrahim Shaman
  • Director:
    Chrystele Khodr
  • Trainer:
    Hadi Deaibess
  • Funders:
    Create Syria (a project by Ettijahat-Independent Culture), and Team Archie
  • Tour info:
    Dar Al Aytam (Cola, Beirut), Zoukak Theatre (Beirut), Dar Al Aytam (Kherbet Rouha, Bekaa), Yaabad Scout Troupe (Cola, Beirut), Rivoli Theatre (Sour), Monnot Theatre (Beirut)

What happens when the figures from our childhood come back to live with us today?