Abdelrahman | Children's Theatre participant

This is Abdelrahman from our Children’s Theatre. He’s been working with Seenaryo since January 2017.

At the Spring Festival he played a lion who bit off a prince’s leg. He felt very proud of himself and his family had a lot of encouraging things to say after watching the show.

The way I felt after performing was a feeling I had never felt before.

In his second show with us, Abdelrahman played a host of different roles including a starring moment where he led everyone in a dance. He said he especially liked how much dancing there was in that show.

Abdelrahman absolutely loves theatre, but he wants to study art because he loves painting even more. He’s found a new type of art in theatre though and says it’s taught him to commit and be responsible. He hopes that he gets to put on a theatre project like this for other children when he grows up.