In Autumn 2016 & Winter 2017 we had:

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158 trainees
11 local partnerships
10 performances & showcases
304 direct beneficiaries

with 3702 indirect beneficiaries

904 audience members
22 paid opportunities

for refugees

3 international partnerships

“First they spread energy. Second, they build them into strong personalities. What the play achieved was no small feat. I’d say it’s about strength, character building, and self-confidence. Working with Seenaryo was absolutely amazing!”

Youth Theatre parent

"I was most proud of the feeling of empowerment when I was on stage"

Showbuild participant

“Seenaryo taught my teachers new techniques in using art to unlock education”

Headteacher, Sawa School

“He was always talking about making new friends”

Youth Theatre parent

“I have never done anything like this before”

Aswat Seenaryo participant

“I learnt how to bring together games with study and how to reach my visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners”

Trainee teacher, Gharsa School

"It has made a huge difference in my life coming here. The teaching quality is different to anywhere else.”

Creative English participant

“My son says that his self-confidence has increased very much and he hopes to be a famous actor – acting has become his dream now”

Children's Theatre parent

“I’ve learnt to work towards learning objectives through activities and games”

Young Facilitator

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