In 2017 we had:

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302 trainees
11 local partnerships
18 performances & showcases
1030 direct beneficiaries

with 5685 indirect beneficiaries

2400 audience members
84 paid opportunities for refugees
348 certificates of achievement awarded

“Our own opinion is important”

Showbuild participant

“I taught early childhood education for eight years before becoming an officer, and I have never seen anything quite like this [Kindergarten Playkit] training”

Senior Education Officer (IRC)

“I feel that I have a purpose now – I am not only serving my family and my children, but also doing something for myself.”

Creative English participant (women's group)

“Here I learnt that everyone has their own point of view and their own perspective. I’ve started to enjoy this difference.”

Youth Theatre participant

“I like these programmes more than school because here I can speak and say whatever I want”

Children's Theatre participant

“My parents told me that I’m much stronger now. They’re not worried about me any more.”

Children's Theatre participant

“I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become more self confident and can now face any problem. I discovered I am more capable than I thought and I appreciate myself. When I stepped onstage I realised how powerful theatre is as a tool to express everything inside us.”

Women's Theatre participant

“The relationships between
the boys and the girls
changed. Now we don’t see a
difference between the two.”

Showbuild participant

“I love going on stage. Once I step on stage I forget everything.”

Aswat Seenaryo participant

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