- Naqiya Ebrahim

A loveless marriage, an exploitative boss – three women from different families hold a wish to get rid of their troubles

Turned Into Stars

- Naqiya Ebrahim

Inspired by French novelist, playwright, poet, and political activist: Jean Genet

What’s Far Is Near

- Naqiya Ebrahim

When Marsel goes into labour, she wants to talk to her best friend abroad – but what happens when the internet stops working around the world?


- Naqiya Ebrahim

What happens when the figures from our childhood come back to live with us today?

Up to the Light

- Naqiya Ebrahim

Inspired by regional fairytales and 1001 Nights, this performance explores the depths of imagination and childhood fears

The Metamorphosis After Franz Kafka

October 14, 2018 - Naqiya Ebrahim

A group of Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian young people interprets Kafka’s novella for their time, in their place, in their words

Shajarat al Durr

September 25, 2018 - Naqiya Ebrahim

A comedic drama for children, outlining the life of Shajarat al Durr: the first female leader of the Islamic world